Apache Ignite REST API Capabilities

In the previous tutorial, we have installed, setup, ran single and multi-node cluster of ignite server. Now, let’s advance towards some useful features. In this tutorial, we will briefly touch upon an exciting feature; ignite provides HTTP REST capability. We can use this capability to interact with the ignite cluster over HTTP or HTTPS. We can use REST APIs to read, write (many many more capabilities) etc from or to the ignite cache.

  1. Ensure that the ignite server node is running.
  2. By default, ignite runs on port 8080. hit the following url from browser or using curl command. You will notice an error stating that connection was not successful
  3. Hmm!! So, we will have to do prep work in order to make it work. Change your directory to $IGNITE_HOME/libs/optional folder.
  4. Copy the ignite-rest-http folder back to $IGNITE_HOME/libs/ folder.
  5. Restart the ignite server node. [You may want to check the previous blog https://iteritory.com/msadrud/install-or-setup-apache-ignite-in-windows-step-by-step-tutorial/ if you are not sure how to do it]
  6. Now, again hit the following url from browser or using curl command.
  7. This time, you will notice a successful response like following. In my scenario, I am using ignite version 2.0.0 –

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